DIY Cut up T-Shirt

DIY Tshirt

DIY cut up Tshirt

Here is a simple tutorial for the DIY cut up t-shirt.

Have old t-shirts? Maybe a shirt that is a tad too big? Cut them up and you can changed them into your own own design . Don’t throw away your old and or unwanted t shirts. You can cut them up and change them into some new to wear.

Upcycling is the new process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

I have always been the one in the family to take old , unwanted items and reuse them for something. A few years I never knew that what I was doing was upcycling. I never like to throw away items that are still good. ( yes, if something is broken , then I will throw it away ) I will always find a use for something. May not be today , but one day I will find a use !

Now back to the tutorial.

If your shirt is too big you can easily cut strips into it and tie them in the back together so they become smaller.

Or you can cut the sides for an edgy feel. You can cut off the sleeves and turn it into an 80’s Shirt. The possibilities are endless. Be BOLD and CREATIVE and create a new shirt to wear.

Cut off the bottom of the shirt and turn it into a crop top ! If the shirt is too small this can be a great option for that.

Before you throw away those clothes, see if you can turn it into something else. You can make make all sorts of different things out of t-shirts ; such as t-shirt rugs, headbands, ( you can even use them as rags to clean ;/ ) who knows , you may surprise yourself !

Be creative ! INSPIRE

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